Monday, January 25, 2010


I am legal. But what does that mean? That I can sign my own papers? That I can purchase a scratch off lottery ticket? I think it just really means that when I meet lots of new people at college and they ask how old I am, I don't have to explain away their "'re younger than you should be" looks. Hallelujah. 

When I was speaking to my grandfather Saturday, he informed me that every day this year will be my birthday. I told N what Grandpa said, and he said "well he can be with you every day then". I guess maybe he was tired of me saying that it was my birthday and I can do what I want? ;)

My birthday weekend started on Friday. 
N and I did something. I can't remember. It's that old age kickin' in. 

On Saturday, however, I do remember what we did! We grabbed breakfast at Starbucks. I had Very Berry muffin/cake and he had a cupcake. And pumpkin bread. I love him.

We also spent Saturday shopping at re-sale stores. He drove me all around and waited extremely patiently while perused the different stores, and all the racks. He also ended up buying me a beautiful blue, silk, Betsey Johnson dress that I found! How sweet.

This is us going out last night for my "official" birthday. This is the dress. One day I'll get a lot better shots of the dress. It is so unique and special. And doesn't N look handsome decked out in his duds from Express?

I was also surprised by my new (amazing!) roommate, M. She is super busy here at Tech but spent a long time creating a surprise for me. She filled our room with my favorite colored balloons and draped a tent of streamers as well. She also bought me a tasty cookie cake.

My other new friend, S, surprised me with a newspaper wrapped present of headbands and lipgloss. Is there anything else a girl needs in this world? She also bought me a "redneck metal detector". You just point, look, and find something shiny!

I also got a slew of cards, presents, and well wishes from all of my family and friends that are nowhere near Lubbock.

What an amazing birthday. The first one away from my family. Maybe that's what it means to be 18?


I'll be posting about actual college soon!

Sorry for all of the font changes, etc., in this post. It was just not cooperating with me today.


  1. Love the dress! I told N that he has yet to dissapoint on presents :)

    Love you!

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