Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Cold In

It is cold here in Lubbock today (just like everywhere else I'm sure). Snow and ice everywhere and wind chills in the -10s. Was school canceled? No. I braved the bone breaking cold to attend two classes. One of which the "Gonedoughla" professor showed us a demonstration of how one "picks their colors" ala the fad from the 1980s.
It was definitely worth getting out of bed.

Luckily class is over and I don't work today. I am already close to finishing my homework for Friday and warm cheesy pizza is being delivered to my apartment right now. N had to go home this week to work on some college stuff and he is driving back here now. He might have to stop and stay in a town halfway here if the roads don't get better.

I wish N was here to play in the snow with me. He is my favorite. Want to know why he is so cool?

1. He got a promotion at work (from a busboy to a waiter) and has been training. The other day at work he was waiting on two ladies in their 50s. They were having a good time, knocking down a few margaritas (like 10) and they were teasing N the whole time. As they finished their meal N asked the obligatory "Would you like dessert? Sopapillas or cheesecake maybe?" and one of the ladies responds with "You know what kind of dessert I want." (!!!) But N responds with "I'm just not sure what you mean ma'am", winks, and walks away. Needless to say, he received about a $50 tip. He makes me laugh so hard. 

2. The other day N was driving and a man cut him off. At the stoplight the man gets out of his car and angrily starts walking towards N and his car. So what does N do? Make a U turn and drive away? No. He gets out of his car and says "I think you best get back in your car." So the man turns around and drives instead of bashing N or his car in.

Charming and a bad ass. 


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